D-Day Remembered

Almost lost amid important stories such as Paris Hilton’s jail stint, Larry David apparently giving off so much greenhouse gas that his environmental activist wife Laurie decided a split was in order, and the indictment of William “frozen assets” Jefferson, is the not-so-small fact that today is the 63rd anniversary of one of the most important days in American, not to mention world, history: The invasion of Normandy — or D-Day as we know it.

There’s no better way to help us remember than with the speech that Ronald Reagan spoke to D-Day veterans on June 6th, 1984, on the 40th anniversary of the invasion — a speech that contained these words:

You all knew that some things are worth dying for. One’s country is worth dying for, and democracy is worth dying for, because it’s the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man. All of you loved liberty. All of you were willing to fight tyranny, and you knew the people of your countries were behind you.

Those words are as necessary as ever these days, but, unfortunately, are far more rare coming from many of our politicians who are all-too consumed by sucking up to despots and playing politics with the lives of our military.

Remember the story about The London Daily Telegraph’s crossword puzzle on one day in May of 1944 that, by coincidence apparently, had answers containing five code-words being used by those organizing the Normandy invasion? Well, unfortunately, these days, papers such as The New York Times wouldn’t have even bothered to hide them in a crossword puzzle.

At any rate, a big salute to all the WWII veterans, and all the rest of our servicemembers past and present!

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Author: Doug Powers

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