Michael Moore is Correct

Did I just say that?

Hey, credit where credit is due. Moore’s new movie “Sicko,” which is about his position that we need to socialize the medical and pharmaceutical industries in America, elicits a chuckle because I get a kick out of really fat slobby guys preaching to us about our health care. Other than that, Moore does hit on a good point which is something I’ve been writing about for years: Hillary Clinton is a sellout to the left.

Here’s part of the review on Politico:

Moore’s brief political history of American health care policy at first seems to lavish praise on Clinton, if with a satirical, and gendered, edge. (She’s introduced as “Sassy…smart…sexy.”)

But his conclusion is that she sold out. After her defeat in the first Clinton term, he says, she fell silent on the issue. And “for her silence, Hillary was rewarded. And she has been the second-largest recipient in the Senate of healthcare industry contributions.”

First off, anybody who describes Hillary as “Sassy smart and sexy” should themselves be described as having “Poor judgment, marginal-at-best common sense and degenerative myopia.”

However, if you’re a liberal true to the movement, Hillary is a massive sellout. She’s nothing but a free market wolf in socialist sheep’s pantsuit.

But Moore gets it wrong in saying Hillary fell silent on the issue after her failed attempt to “reform” health care in the 90’s. The issue fell silent on her. Even many leftists viewed Hillary’s General Custer-style “plan” as health care’s answer to the Exxon Valdez and turned their backs, lest they end up covered in oil — or slime in this case.

As for the rest of “Sicko,” when I see it I’ll no doubt be lost by Moore-speak as usual. For example, constant references to a “single payer” system. There is no such thing. If the government’s paying it, it’s a “300 million-payer” system.

When Moore can’t honestly address that fact without disguising it in smoke, mirrors and a name like “single payer” designed to fool people into believing in a consequence-free money fairy with a bottomless wand full of cash (in which too many people already believe), there’s no saving the rest.

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Author: Doug Powers

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