Capital Won: What's in Your Wallet?

You can’t help but wonder how many government employees in Washington, DC un-accounting offices have figured out how to “accidentally overpay” somebody and then split the money with them.

This morning I ran across yet another example of how your government cares… not about you, but themselves. The only thing I like about this story is the guy’s name: Bob Bobb.

From the Washington Times:

Two weeks before Robert C. Bobb resigned as D.C. city administrator to run for the school board last year, an unusual request came across his desk: a Cabinet-level appointee was overpaid $75,000 by accident, and now she wanted to keep the money.

Under a little-known D.C. rule, employees who get extra money in their paychecks through a payroll error can petition the government to keep the money. The District can waive collection if it “would be against equity, against good conscience and not in the best interests of the District government.”

The best interests of taxpayers are, of course, as irrelevant as rice cakes in Michael Moore’s pantry.

Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson went about it all wrong. There would have been much more room in his freezer for fish sticks and ice cream if he’d have just arranged to have been “accidentally overpaid.”


Author: Doug Powers

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