Monday’s Column: Government’s Taxing Double-Standard

In New Hampshire, Ed and Elaine Brown’s property is surrounded by the feds. Why? The Browns haven’t paid income taxes in years as they don’t believe there is a valid law compelling them to have to pay.

They’ll end up in prison for one reason or another, whether it takes days or months. Meanwhile, others who have earned money in the U.S. could be allowed to be freed from any back taxes owed with the blessing from many politicians.

The double standards are dizzying in this story, as is the verbiage used by the government and media to describe the homes of anybody with a disagreement with the government.

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Update: I’m getting a lot of emails saying “the 16th Amendment was never properly ratified so therefore it’s invalid” etc, etc…

The problem is, the government doesn’t care if it’s “really a law.” That’s the problem. Heck, there are a ton of laws that aren’t constitutional. Arguing constitutionality with the government is like showing your dog the “no pooping” sign and expecting him to take his dump elsewhere.

The issue here is that the government can send you to jail for not paying your taxes. Period. How can that be changed? The answer to that is what we need to be seeking and not just parroting 16th Amendment non-ratifications and expecting that to make it all better. Some say the Browns just want to be shown which law compels them to pay income tax. That’s why there are armed people around their property. As far as the government is concerned “here’s your law, pal!”

It’s not right, but only massive change in the system will get things back on a constitutional course. Busying ourselves arguing about ratification information that almost everybody has heard about is probably how the government prefers it. We keep busy, and they don’t care anyway.

Besides, if the government ever claims an Amendment wasn’t properly ratified and is no longer valid, which will it be, the 16th, or the 2nd or 1st?

As soon as people have had enough, maybe another revolution will be in order. Until then, you’re going to go to jail for not paying your taxes, whether the 16th Amendment is “valid” or not.

Author: Doug Powers

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