AL Gore III: The Chuck Yeager of the Environmental Movement

nullYesterday I made brief mention of the fact that Al Gore’s son was arrested for possession of drugs. Gore III was going over 100 miles per hour with what’s coming to be known as “a California six-pack”: Marijuana, Valium, Xanax, Vicodin, Adderall and a Prius.

After perusing various forums, the most common reaction, in spite of the fact that there were drugs in the car and it was driven by the son of Al Gore, was, “A Prius can go 100 miles per hour?”

This positive exposure could mean the hybrid auto industry will end up signing Gore III as their spokesperson — once the Betty Ford people give him the go-ahead. Public perception of hybrids is that they’re kumquat-powered and top out at roughly the speed of a scared opossum and end up on the side of the road in about the same condition. Gore’s proven otherwise, and sales could skyrocket.

I’m guessing Al Gore has a great financial investment in hybrids (you don’t think Al calls it “going green” just because of the trees do you?), so his son has at least earned bail money.

Grab your helmet and drop the dope, Gore III, because I sense there’s some test driving work coming your way. If you play this properly you’ll end up fabulously wealthy and follow in your father’s carbon footprints.

Author: Doug Powers

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