Cheney in Charge

nullAs George W. Bush is anesthetized for a routine colonoscopy tomorrow, for 2 1/2 hours, the powers of the presidency will be transferred, and Dick Cheney will be the most powerful man in the world.


For Democrats this is gonna be a more frightening 2 1/2 hours than being driven from San Diego to L.A. by Lindsay Lohan.

This of course means that Nancy Pelosi will be one heartbeat away from being the most powerful person in the world. Fair warning, Mr. Cheney — somebody’s going to be sneaking up behind you and popping a paper bag.

Speaking of secession — I mean, succession — the new 2nd in line will be, of course, Dem. Senator Robert “Kleagle Eagle” Byrd, who just can’t seem to kick the old habit of wanting to lynch African-Americans who have yet to go to be convicted of anything.

As expected, Democrats are wishing the president well and expressing their utmost faith in the leadership capabilities of the vice president.

Author: Doug Powers

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