Peace of Crap: Pacifist Beatles Song Sells Diapers, Diehard Fans Soil Selves

The Beatles song “All you need is love” has been licensed by Procter & Gamble for use in a new Luvs diaper commercial.

Some fans are taking it the wrong way:

Among the objections is that the idealistic song, popular in the counterculture “Summer of Love” era and among Vietnam War opponents, is being used at the time of another war, in Iraq, to evoke soiled diapers.

“For people who feel that political connection, it comes off as kind of a callous action,” said Angela Natividad, coeditor of, a marketing commentary site. “You’ve got the Beatles, which draws like, religious feelings, and you’ve got the war.”

Oh, I don’t know. I think that a pro-peace song as applied to a baby diaper advertisement is the perfect analogy as it concerns current goings-on in the “war on terror.”

When you change a baby’s diaper, what are you doing? Preventing the excrement from spreading, removing a big stink, tossing it out, and making the area clean again. Our troops are doing just that, and making great sacrifices for all of us so our kids can grow up in a world free of terrorists on every street corner.

“All you need is love” is the perfect song for the metaphor of changing a diaper vs. current world events. There will be nothing more peaceful and loving than a world free of terrorists.

Luvs isn’t the sole user of Beatles songs in ads, however. Here’s a little history of Beatles songs in advertisements.

Songs don’t have to be licensed. The owner can say “no” from time to time. For example, in 2004, the family of Johnny Cash said they would refuse to license the song “Ring of fire” for use in any hemorrhoid cream ad. I guess the Preparation H people will have to use the Beatles’ “Fixing a hole” instead.

Author: Doug Powers

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