Monday’s Column: All You Need is Luvs

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily combines several different issues into one: diapers, world peace, and the Beatles. An interesting mix to be sure.

In a previous post here I wrote briefly about some diehard Beatles fans who are upset that the peace-promoting song “All you need is love” has been licensed to Procter & Gamble for use in commercials for Luv’s diapers. Some think it’s outrageous that the famed pacifist song is being used for something as frivolous as diapers, especially during a time of war.

I take a short stroll through songs of pacifism and their effect on world events, and reconsider the roll of the diaper in all of this. Read “All you need is Luvs” for more.

From the email bag:

Eric P. is a liberal who’s mad that I didn’t make him mad —

Your column really ticked me off. I’m a liberal who enjoys reading the WorldNetDaily because I’m always looking for a good argument. I often send emails to your fellow columnists. I also am a huge Beatles fan. When I started to read your column I was sure that my argumentative juices would start flowing. Then I read the entire column and I actually was amused. That’s not supposed to happen!

Yes, I’m more than a little worried that it would appear I’m becoming bipartisan.

Author: Doug Powers

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