Some Days I Envy the Blind

If any of you are on a diet right now, this will help facilitate it.

The launch party for Hillary Clinton’s new headquarters in San Francisco was held yesterday, and it was crashed by members of Code Pink (so named in honor of all the Pepto Bismol you have to drink after seeing them) and a group called “Breasts, Not Bombs.”

Zombie was there, camera and barf-bag in hand. I might have to borrow one of Jimmy B’s .45’s to get some of these pictures out of my head.

The name “Breasts, Not Bombs” is somewhat ironic, because they threw around some serious breast-bombs. I haven’t seen this many drooping boobs since watching the CNN staff during John Kerry’s concession speech.

“Breasts, Not Bombs” set out to prove two things: 1) War is bad, and 2) Newton’s law of gravity.

Mission accomplished!


Protest posed burning questions, such as “Why did Hillary vote for the war?” And, “Why does the woman in the middle have a goatee?”

(h/t to LGF)

Author: Doug Powers

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