Save The Planet, Run Yourself Into Debt

There’s a reason they call it “going green,” and it’s has nothing to do with plants and trees:

General Electric Co. said on Wednesday it is launching the first U.S. credit card with rewards dedicated to reducing cardholders’ carbon emissions.

A panel of environmentalists and GE executives will discuss what the company called “greening” of consumer finances and the impact of the card on the environment at its launch in New York on Wednesday, GE said in a statement.

I’ll pass on these particular “carbon credits” and wait for a credit card company to offer “credit credits,” which is agreeing to knock 1% off our interest rate for every tree we plant. How much do they really care about the environment?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for that one. Or, on second thought, do hold your breath. You might get lucky and be considered somebody’s carbon credit.

Save the earth at a 19.5% interest rate? Wouldn’t it be easier if we all just gave up tangerines.

Author: Doug Powers

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