The Spence is Killing Me: Fred Thompson Finds New Official for Unofficial Campaign

Fred Thompson announced that his official presidential campaign that does not officially exist is changing non-existent gears.

Thompson’s presidential campaign will still unofficially exist in an officially speculative sense, but now former Michigan Senator Spencer Abraham will act as Thompson’s campaign manager, at least until the campaign is officially announced — the unofficial date of that official announcement is set for post-Labor Day, according to an unofficial official for Thompson’s currently hypothetical campaign.

Here’s a photo of Thompson’s new officially unofficial manager for his unconfirmed campaign:


Wait, that’s Jon Lovitz. I think I have a picture of Abraham around here somewhere… oh yes, here it is:


With Thompson running strong in the Republican race, even though he’s not a formal candidate, look for Fred to be the first person elected president who never declared himself a candidate. It’s the best thing to do — when “none of the above” is the desire of so many, don’t rise to “above” status.

Michigan conservatives might cringe at Spence “open borders” Abraham running Thompson’s non-campaign, but as long as the campaign is unofficial, there’s no reason to officially worry. If you want to unofficially worry until Thompson’s official announcement, that’s your business.

In any case, I tend to lean toward the candidate who makes me the least officially ill for the shortest period of time, and so far that candidate is Fred Thompson — unofficially.

Author: Doug Powers

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