nullThe newspaper famous for its wildly fabricated stories, crazy reporting of often completely fictional events, and doctored and staged photos is closing the doors on its print business. No, not the New York Times — I’m referring to The Weekly World News:

Owner American Media Inc. announced that the tabloid’s Aug. 27 issue will be the last. Its brief statement blamed “challenges in the retail and wholesale magazine marketplace that have impacted the newsstand.”

The check-out line will be a little emptier this fall. Sure, we still have the Times, CNN, Dan Rather and many others, but I much prefer my fake news to be intentional, so it’s with great sadness that we bid adieu to the Weekly World News.

No more “Bush shakes hands with space alien,” “Dick Cheney is a robot,” “Bat Boy leads cops on 3 state chase,” or excerpts from Lincoln’s Gettysburg dress:


“Sic semper beer goggles!”

Rest in peace, Weekly World News. The mainstream media is a little less accurate now that you’re gone.


4 Responses to “Weekly World News, RIP: Mourning the Passing of an Intentionally Fake Newspaper”

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    The Weekly World News was a to a great extent anecdotal news newspaper distributed in the United States from 1979 to 2007, prestigious for its extraordinary main stories frequently in light of heavenly or paranormal topics and a way to deal with news that skirted on the humorous. Its trademark high contrast covers have turned out to be popular culture pictures generally utilized as a part of expressions of the human experience. It stopped production in August 2007.[2]

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