It’s being reported that Idaho Senator Larry Craig might resign either today or before the weekend is out. Definitely not for being gay though.

Detective Noel Nelson, who arrested Craig, certainly seems to know about Congress. From the arrest transcript:

Detective: Okay, sir. We deal with people that lie to us everyday.

Sen. Craig: I’m sure you do.

Detective: I’m sure you do too sir.

I really feel bad… for the detective. How’d you like that job?

“Okay Noel, we’ve got your assignment for today.”

“Busting up that counterfeit ring downtown? Investigating yesterday’s bank heist?”

“Uh, no… you’re going to be sitting in a stall at the airport bathroom waiting for men to hit on you.”


This just has to be one of those jobs that the “new guy” gets.

I understand the release of the transcript, but I really don’t think it was necessary for police to release the surveillance footage. Why the need to further embarrass the senator?



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