Bill Maher Has Moonbats in the Belfrey

It isn’t often that I think that Bill Maher is just about the most logical and sane person in the room, but this is one of those times.

Below is a video from Maher’s show “Real Time,” when a conversation between the host, Chris Matthews and Sheila Jackson Lee is, mercifully, interrupted by some “9/11 Truth” moonbats, and Maher helps shove one out the door.

Maher’s told security as they removed one protester, “don’t be gentle with him…ass kicking is what’s called for.” What? If a conservative host demanded security go Rodney King on a protester, Maher would no doubt use this as a sign of right-wing intolerance of the views of others and as proof that conservatives kick puppies, steal kids’ lollypops and lynch anything that isn’t lilly white.

Such is the nature of live television. The language is a bit unrefined for a Sunday, but if you can handle it, here’s the video:

Author: Doug Powers

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