‘Bigfoot’ Isn’t the Only Picture That Deserves a Disclaimer

A hunter in Pennsylvania ended up getting some pictures of a mangy bear, and all of a sudden Bigfoot seekers (think “snipe hunting” but bigger) are asking if this is proof of the existence of a juvenile Sasquatch (a juvenile Sasquatch is just like a regular Sasquatch except it puts “kick me” signs on the backs of the other Sasquatches).

Something besides that struck me as funny, however. After all the years of bogus and doctored photographs from mainstream media sources, the AP decided to put the following disclaimer on the “bigfoot” picture: THE ASSOCIATED PRESS CANNOT AUTHENTICATE THE CONTENT OF THESE IMAGES.

Too bad the AP and Reuters didn’t feel the necessity to put an authenticity disclaimer on any of these photos. I wonder why.

Author: Doug Powers

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