The Clap: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Looks like I’ll be able to do my Christmas shopping all in one place this year thanks to Giant Microbes:

Manufacturers are hoping their range of cuddly toy versions of microbes including gonorrhea and syphilis will be a hit for Christmas.

US company Giant Microbes has turned microscopic images of viruses and bugs, which also include malaria and mad cow disease, into soft toys.

Other viruses to cuddle up to include salmonella, ebola, acne, rabies, black death and the good old influenza virus, reports Metro.

Each 5-to-7 inch doll is accompanied by an image of the real microbe it represents, as well as information about the microbe.

Pick up the entire collection and make your child’s room resemble the bloodstream of a sailor on shore leave in Thailand.


“Order now and receive absolutely free a cuddly and educational limited edition signature Pamela Anderson hepatitis-B DNA strand! (Tommy Lee sold separately)”

Author: Doug Powers

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