Lincoln's Gettysburg Undress

Is this one of the four scores, or merely yet another attempted retro-smear attack?

In historian Gerald Prokopowicz’s upcoming book, “Did Lincoln Own Slaves?,” he writes that before Lincoln was the nation’s 16th president, he visited a hooker, took off his clothes, then “thought to ask how much this was going to cost. Five dollars was the answer, but he only had two. The young lady assured him his credit was good, as his reputation for honesty had preceded him . . . [He] left, unfulfilled but unburdened by additional debt.”

Liberals will stop at nothing to bring every president down to the level of their beloved Bill Clinton.

The attempted staining, if you’ll pardon the expression, of Lincoln was preceded by a book entitled “The intimate world of Abraham Lincoln.” In that book, author C.A. Tripp claimed that Lincoln had a gay relationship with Joshua Speed, his friend and later presidential bodyguard (hey, great job Josh). Tripp stopped short of saying that Lincoln and Speed had a “if this log cabin’s a-rockin’ don’t come a-knockin'” sign on the log cabin door, but he came close.

What’s next for Lincoln? My guess is that the next book will have him being a transvestite with ADD and Tourette’s Syndrome who made Ulysses S. Grant’s wife dress up as a dominatrix while the General was passed out in the next room after having been pantsed and covered in rouge and eyeliner by a giggling Lincoln.


President Lincoln, above, shown pondering his visit to a whorehouse and his more than casual affection for guys

Author: Doug Powers

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