Writers Go on Str…

The Writers Guild of America is now on strike against producers, demanding a bigger share of internet download and DVD money.

Looking at what we get when Guild writers are on the job in Hollywood, I’m looking forward to what might be churned out by scab writers. A boost in quality could be just around the corner! The good news is that a throng of picketing writers is about the least intimidating strike line to cross that you’ll ever find, with the possibile exception of computer animators.

The bad news? There are eight more episodes of “Cavemen” completed and in the hopper.

In all seriousness, Hollywood writers do play an important role. Consider Sean Penn. With writers, Penn is an Academy Award winning actor. Without writers, he’s an embarrassingly stupid and misguided despot brown-noser.

What are writers doing for a living during the strike? Here are a few examples:

Author: Doug Powers

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