Romney Offers Government Control to Home Schoolers

Normally tax cuts, credits, and all the rest, are good things, but this is one of those “look carefully at what lurks beneath the surface before you jump in” things. Mitt Romney wants a tax credit for home schoolers:

Parents who home school their children should get a tax credit to help offset the expense of teaching, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Wednesday. “I also believe parents who are teaching their kids at home, homeschoolers, deserve a break, and I’ve asked for a tax credit to help parents in their homes with the cost of being an at-home teacher,” he said.

For home schoolers, this has the potential to backfire like an old, poorly maintained lawn tractor going uphill.

Check me if I’m wrong, but people who home school do it to get away from government control over their kids’ education, and that’s what the result of this plan would be. Romney’s idea would simply let the government dig its snout into the home schooling trough, ultimately applying who-knows-how-many PC rules and regs until you end up with your own little version of the very place you home schooled to get away from.

Home schoolers, research carefully before taking the bait.

Author: Doug Powers

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