Beck Burns "Green Week" for Fuel

Last Sunday night, the NBC Sports crew flew to their location on jets, drove huge trucks to the stadium and burned who knows how much fuel to telecast the Cowboys/Eagles game, and then lit a few candles in a darkened studio in order to kick off “green week.”

That’s like driving a Hummer from Maine to California and then riding a bicycle from your hotel to the grocery store across the street — and patting yourself on the back for saving the environment while doing so. In other words, it’s so… so… Al Gore-ish.

I have to admit, Keith Olbermann in the dark is a lot better than the alternative. Now if NBC could go really green and turn off his microphone we might get somewhere.

To counter the laughable NBC stunt, this week, Glenn Beck celebrated “coal week.” This is sure to chap more asses than the director’s cut of Brokeback Mountain.

“Lights, camera, more lights… more lights… and, action!:

Author: Doug Powers

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