John Edwards' Ice Cream: Have a Scoop of "Vanilla (styling) Mousse"

Some bars already have a John Edwards cocktail (shot of Breck with an ambulance chaser), so why not an ice cream flavor?

Ben Cohen, founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, is a big John Edwards for President supporter. Recently he was asked by reporters if he might honor Edwards by naming a flavor of ice cream after him:

Pressed on what an Edwards flavor might be, Cohen stuck to message. “It’s not going to be a very fluffy flavor,” he predicted. “It’s going to be a very solid flavor.” Cohen speculated that the flavor might be called “Captain Courageous Crunch,” though he may want to run that by lawyers for Quaker Oats, which makes the cereal [Cap’n Crunch], before production begins.

When I see a candidate who’s deathly afraid of Fox News or maybe even his Republican neighbor, the last word that pops into my mind is “courageous.”

But of course this comes from Ben Cohen, a man who suffers from night sweats worrying about the health of our increasingly obese children but who sells ice cream for a living. People laugh when cigarette companies do these things, but for some reason, liberals are allowed to skate off into the do-gooder horizon virtually free from ridicule.

Be honest, Ben. Edwards’ flavor should be more along the lines of “Chunky Socialist Monkey” or “Left Wing Nut.” It’ll nicely compliment Hillary’s flavor, “Berry the Past.”

Author: Doug Powers

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