Support for American Airlines

David Al-Watan, Talal Cholagh, Ali Alzerej, Hassan Alzerej, Hussein Alsalih and Mohammad Al-Saedy are suing American Airlines for racial profiling. That’s right, as you can tell, they’re all from Ireland and apparently heard one too many “Irish seven-course meal” jokes on the plane.

Seriously though, the good news is that American Airlines has no intention of settling the case. Read the police report and summary which precedes it to see what enormous attention whores these guys are.

Here’s the weird part:

The men, it turns out, had been hired by the U.S. Military as “authentic Iraqi” actors in Iraq-war, “role-playing scenarios.” I asked a U.S. Federal Air Marshal what this meant: “Most likely these guys were at Ft. Irwin playing terrorists and insurgents,” he said.

They should have left their role-playing at the army base. Instead, they tried auditioning for FOX news (see police report page 3).

So, they’re suing American Airlines for racial profiling but had no problem earning money from the government for allowing themselves to be profiled as “authentic Iraqis”?

If this wasn’t all premeditated then Michael Moore is svelte. I hope American Airlines fights this all the way, and they should be supported for doing so.

Author: Doug Powers

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