Time once again for “insert your own joke here.” Today’s episode comes to us from Senator Larry “the tap heard ’round the world” Craig’s interview with Matt Lauer.

From page 2 of the interview:

Matt Lauer: They had a laundry list of accusations. There was a guy back when you were president of your college fraternity who said you came onto him; that there was a rumor you were discharged from the National Guard because you were gay. And that there was a guy who says you cruised him, whatever that means– a store in Boise.

Larry Craig: I was president of a fraternity. I had to make tough choices sometimes about leadership roles. There was a young man who was bounced from our fraternity for getting involved in drugs. I believe that was the gentleman. He was not very happy with Larry Craig and the leadership role that I had to play.

Matt Lauer: So– vendetta? That was a little bit of–

Larry Craig: It– it’s very possible that that was a vendetta.

Matt Lauer: How about the National Guard?

Larry Craig: The National Guard– I have a medical discharge based on my feet.

Based on this revelation, Larry Craig has overtaken Ted Kennedy on the “I can’t believe he said that without blushing” meter — at least for today.


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