"Senator Clinton, how do you plan to fight — continued on back of card — global warming? — say thanks and sit down"

Hillary should qualify for a FEMA gift card, as her Q & A’s appear to be modeled after the very agency she claims to want to overhaul.

Here’s an interview with a woman who says she was asked if she’d like to ask Hillary a question. When she said “yes,” Hillary’s people were even good enough to supply her with the question — just one of the eight they had at the ready in a folder.

It wasn’t long ago that Hillary accused an audience member of being a right-wing parrot and regurgitating GOP talking points. She’s cool with left-wing parrots, obviously. This time though she forgot to put newspaper at the bottom of the cage.


One of Senator Clinton’s staffers, above left, sits next to a completely random member of the audience who is about to ask Hillary a question that he came up with all on his own with no help from anybody

Author: Doug Powers

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