It’s Hip to be Tiananmen Square

nullLittle boys with their faces covered and parents using babies as human shields. Just another day in the Middle East?

Nope, these are Americans (loosely defined) and it’s happening in Olympia, Washington. There’s even some child abuse going on, moonbat style. One idiot is so preoccupied with blocking a military convoy that she drops her toddler on the pavement. Nice.

If this leftist dingbat saw you smoking in a car with a child in it, she’d be on the phone to the police in five minutes, but somehow I think that she’s going to view her kid picking blacktop out of his teeth for the next month as a badge of patriotism.

Here’s something that adds even more kindling to the stupid fire: The protests were stopping the transportation of things that were being shipped from Iraq to the U.S.

The people in Olympia would love for us to be reminded of the picture of a briefcase carrying man standing in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square. But, in fact, this situation has virtually nothing in common with the China protest.

There was absolutely no chance that the government trucks in Olympia were going to put the gear in “drive” and turn the whiffle-brained protesters into mushy moonbat speed bumps. The kind of scum who are being fended off by the type of American behind the wheel of the stopped trucks would have run over the protesters, however. You’d have to go back to Amelia Earhart to find a higher profile example of misguidance.

There was also no chance that they’d be hauled off to be executed, or, if they were lucky, spend the next 60 years in a labor camp.

That’s the big difference between Olympia and Tiananmen Square, and that’s why these protesters have more in common, in a “guilt by association” sort of way, with the people who drove the tanks in Tiananmen Square than with the man who stood in front of them.

You’ll also notice that Tiananmen Square’s “tank man” didn’t drag anybody’s kids into it, either. That’s something terrorists do — hence, perhaps, the left’s aversion to the term “war on terror.”

I hope the antidote for a paradox overdose isn’t on board one of the trucks that was stopped, because we’re all going to need some soon.

Author: Doug Powers

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