Random Thanksgiving Stuffing

nullJust a few notes today for anybody who stops in before passing out from all the turkey, pie and beer…

***The Conservative UAW Guy has a point I hadn’t thought of, but it’s a question certainly worth asking: Why is Bush pardoning a turkey when border agents remain imprisoned for the crime of doing their job?

***Jack Cashill, my pal over at WorldNetDaily, is giving thanks for the “best GOP lineup ever.” Time will tell.

***MoveOn.org has an ad calling for U.S. troops to be brought home — while showing a picture of British troops. If Bush does exactly what MoveOn asks, MoveOn’s next ad will be urging Congress to get British troops out of Brooklyn and back to England.

***In a country that has the unique problem of a skyrocketing obesity rate among its lower income citizens, John Edwards has come out with a plan to feed the hungry. One of these ideas is to “lure supermarkets into neighborhoods that don’t have them.” This makes it easier to get to he store, slip, fall, call John Edwards and sue their ass back to the stone age.

***My Detroit Lions must beat the Green Bay Packers today to remain in playoff contention. Will they? I’ve been a fan so long that I short-sell confidence to earn a nice living, but they do have a shot, provided Brett Favre wakes up blind this morning. Update: Favre woke up with perfect vision.

***Finally, on this the 44th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, we have a reminder that Bush isn’t the only president to be hated to the point of being called “Hitler,” “treasonist,” etc.

The following handbill was being passed around in Dallas shortly before Kennedy arrived. Reason #5 transcends generations:


Author: Doug Powers

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