And She Lift-eth Her Shirt and Sayeth Unto the Lord, “Woo-Hoooo!”

Joe Francis, the multi-millionaire guy who produced all those “Girls Gone Wild” videos, is now in jail on tax evasion charges. Because of his persecution, Francis says he now knows what it’s like to be Jesus Christ. Really, he does. We all have our crass to bear.

Yeah, I can see the similarities — after all, Francis appears to have about 12 deciples in this picture (warning, that link isn’t safe for work and it isn’t safe if your kids are around — I’m only posting it to help Joe Francis demonstrate how much he has in common with the Savior) and he also managed to turn water into whine.

Francis must know the chapter and verse of the Bible passage(s) where is tells of Jesus’s attempts to get drunken spring break chicks to lift up their shirts so he could film it and sell the footage for money, so I hope he lets the rest of us know where it is.

Author: Doug Powers

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