And the Voting Bloc du Jour for 2008 is…

Not long ago I was wondering what the “new” heavily courted voting bloc would be. Years gone by have seen Soccer Moms, NASCAR Dads, Office Park Dads, Reagan Democrats, Yuppies, Angry White Males, etc.

My question has been answered:

Fifty-year-old Carmen Cortez cleans buildings until 1 a.m. as a janitor in San Francisco and lives with her adult son. Courtney Harrell is a 32-year-old lesbian working in the film industry who rents an apartment with three others. Kathleen Moschel is a 63-year-old Republican and former Hallmark card store owner who lives in the Contra Costa County retirement community of Rossmoor.

Despite those differences, some political operatives and pollsters are herding these women into the same sprawling demographic: unmarried women. The “unmarried” bloc is emerging as this year’s trendy political moniker…

Hillary should easily win over this group, as she knows better than anybody else how to relate to people who aren’t in a committed relationship.

The only remaining question is what pollsters will call this group, as “unmarried women” isn’t nearly catchy enough. Given a demographers penchant for combining words, “Ringless Chicks” could easily become “Ricks.” Look for it going into next year’s election.

Author: Doug Powers

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