The Associated Press: (Re)Writing History

The Associated Press can always be counted on to help carry on more obvious fakery than a Malibu beach bunny’s bikini top.

Here’s a couple of sentences from a story about Al Gore’s visit to the White House on Monday:

They have not met privately since then-President-elect Bush paid a visit — short, and not that sweet — to Gore’s residence in December 2000.

That was back when the acrimony was fresh, in a country still in disbelief over an election that seemed never-ending. Ultimately, the U.S. Supreme Court certified Bush’s 537-vote victory margin over Gore in Florida to settle the outcome.

Once again, for those challenged in recounting (if you’ll pardon the expression) historical facts, the Supreme Court did not certify Bush’s victory — Initially, seven SCOTUS Justices concluded that the recount ordered by the Florida Supreme Court violated the Equal Protection Clause.

In a subsequent 5-4 ruling, SCOTUS issued a stay of the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling that would have had people digging into ballot boxes until the Second Coming, or enough Gore votes were “discovered” — whichever came first.

The Florida Secretary of State certified Bush’s Florida win before most of the legal wranglings, and it was allowed to stand — unlike the AP’s version of history.

Speaking of Gore’s visit to the White House, Scrappleface has more on that story: Bush welcomes Gore with low-carbon ceremony

Author: Doug Powers

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