Monday’s Column: Dashed Impeachment Dreams

In today’s column at WorldNetDaily, I’m dashing several thousand, if not millions, of hopes and dreams by saying that George W. Bush is never, ever, going to face an impeachment trial.

I know this will be stunning and unbelievable news for some, but it’s a reality check that was overdue. Read all about it in the column that demonstrates two things: 1) Why Bush won’t be impeached but why some will still be trying even after he’s out of office, and 2) What happens when an editor takes a creative and catchy title you submitted and unnecessarily turns into a bland, boring title that puts the reader to sleep before the column even starts: “Rotten impeachment dreams lack juice.”

Update: The “email of the day”… so far.

Somebody please go refill Gary’s Thorazine prescription before it’s too late:

as usual Doug you show you have the mind of a fence post with it’s barb wire and bird droppings as intellect. when they tell you to put that “brain chip” in your head bet you will be singing the praises of how great it is until they throw the switch and your “conscious mind” is forever destroyed and you are nothing but a Borg set to do the governments will. but hey! you already do that with all your articles.

some of us live in the real reality. not your phony dream world. you need to read the hard facts. your what Lenin called a “useful idiot” to fool the common. these guys plan to destroy humanity off the face of the earth. did you ever read the stones in Georgia. they say they only want 500 million slaves that these elite can use. do you think these guys are playing. when the UN has it’s own “population control department”.

these guys are playing for keeps. how about their boast in the book “the next million years” where they brag about ruling over this planet with this techno bureaucracy. at least your boss Joesph is willing to make a fight out of it. someone in this fake media needs to stand up to these monsters before they destroy liberty in this country.

according to their books they want this north American union by 2010 and UN control by 2012. that’s when this planet moves into what is called the “photon belt” where the weather plans to get real weird. that billion mile long black hole in this thing will do strange things to this planet. if you read the bible don’t you remember how the earth stood still so the Jews could kill all their enemies. but it looks like Jesus was right when he talked about guys like you. let the dead bury the dead.

This guy strikes lucidity as often as he finds the “shift” key. Geez, write a column about impeachment and all of a sudden you’re one of the signs of the apocalypse in Revelations.

Over 300 flighty words and he never did argue the point of the column, which was simply that Bush isn’t going to be impeached.


Author: Doug Powers

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