Whoopi Sinks, Air America Floats… For Now…

Whoopi Goldberg’s radio show has been cancelled. I know what you’re thinking: “Whoopi had a radio show?”

Just weeks after claiming she would reshape her faltering radio program to focus on a New York City audience, Whoopi Goldberg has now been cancelled even there.

According to press and trade reports today, Wake Up With Whoopi was yanked from WKTU-FM today without warning, other than a brief note sent to staffers mere hours before the change. Poor ratings were cited by the station.

“Wake up with Whoopi”? Well there’s part of the problem. I can’t believe they expected a show with a title that does nothing but remind everybody of a horror that might have taken place while regaining consciousness in the midst of their last searing hangover to fly for very long.

At least Goldberg will have time to go on Air America’s cruise.

From The New York Times:

Last week Air America Radio, the liberal chat network, announced it would be sponsoring its first vacation cruise. For $1,380 to $6,305 a person, guests can board a Holland America ship in February, visit ports of call like Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta and attend high-minded seminars with people like Randi Rhodes, an Air America host; Mark Green, the network’s president and a former New York mayoral candidate; and Paul Krugman, a columnist for The New York Times.

Michelle Malkin says the ship will be leaning so far to the left that it’ll look like this:


If the ship takes on the political philosophies of the passengers, it should at least stay afloat.

However, if it takes on the traits of ratings trends, it’ll look more like this:


Author: Doug Powers

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