Bill Clinton Goes Cruz-ing, Gets Felicitated

This just in, from the “While the cat’s away…” file:

Former President Bill Clinton proved that not even the Queen of Spain could distract him from sitting beside his favourite actress Penelope Cruz…

…The main highlight of the evening was when former president eventually switched his seat with Mr. de la Renta so that he could be seated next to the movie star.

After being felicitated with a medallion from Queen Sofia, Clinton revealed to the audience that he has seen everyone of the Cruz’s movie.

Yes, “felicitated” is a real word, but you can’t tell me some news writer, in spite of otherwise horrific grammar at the end of the last sentence, didn’t choose it wisely based on phonetic similarity.

“Has seen everyone of the Cruz’s movie”? Either this is poorly written, or the sight of Penelope Cruz in a (gulp) blue dress makes Clinton talk like Latka from the old Taxi television series.

(h/t Freep)

Author: Doug Powers

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