Mitt Romney: I Was Blind But Now I Si

Just a few days ago in a debate, Rudy Giuliani accused Mitt Romney of having a “sanctuary mansion” where illegals were employed. Romney said he had no control over who the companies he hired contracted work to, and basically said “what am I supposed to do, go ask everybody for their green cards?”

Apparently Romney has answered his own question with a great, big “yes,” because Romney fired the company doing yard work at his Belmont, Massachusetts home.

Pledging to keep illegals out of the country when you don’t even do anything about keeping them out of your own yard could be a tough sell with more picky voters like me, but even still, since Mitt doesn’t currently have landscaping services at his home, I’d like to offer my services: Mr. Romney, I’m a legal citizen, and I’ll take care of your yard for, oh, $500 an hour — and I’ll vote for you! Sound good? Comprende?

Author: Doug Powers

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