Kucinich 'Campaign 9 from Outer Space' Gets Key Endorsement

(Author’s note: this is a Dennis Kucinich update, so in order to add to the ambience, it is strongly recommended that you hum the theme song from Star Trek while reading this post)

Oprah’s endorsement is adding some extra life to the Obama campaign; Chuck Norris brought in a fresh wave of support for Mike Huckabee; and with the endorsement of Sean Penn, Dennis “phone hooome” Kucinich will go… absolutely nowhere:

Penn was set to deliver “a blistering indictment of political leaders and an impassioned endorsement of Presidential proportions,” according to a Kucinich press release.

In the speech entitled, “Piano Wire Puppeteers,” Penn railed against not only President Bush, but Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

“While I’m not a proponent of the Death Penalty, existing law provides that the likes of Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld and Rice, if found guilty, could have hoods thrown over their heads, their hands bound, facing a 12-man rifle corps executing death by firing squad,” Penn said.

Penn’s verbal wet dream reminds me of the old joke: “We’ll give him a fair trial, then we’ll hang him.”

Remember, Penn is the one who supports thugs like Hugo Chavez and who was visibly upset after the convicted killer of four people and founder of the murderous Crips gang, Stanley “Tookie” Williams, was executed. Pardon me if I’m not ready to accept Penn’s ability to judge morality and be an arbiter of guilt vs. innocence on a universal scale.

With these kind of grounded values combined with the positive and forward focused grand vision for the future that Penn offered in his endorsement speech, how could the Kucinich campaign not get a bump?

Aloha, Mr. Kucinich!

Author: Doug Powers

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