Andrew Young's Dark Humor Offends Dems

“Civil rights leader” and former U.N. Ambassador, Andrew Young, made a funny recently that upset some Democrats:

The silence was deafening in the camps of Democratic presidential candidates yesterday over civil-rights leader Andrew Young’s tasteless crack comparing Bill Clinton’s and Barak Obama’s supposed prowess with black women.

“Bill is every bit as black as Barack. He’s probably gone with more black women than Barack,” the former UN ambassador quipped on a live TV interview – immediately adding, “I’m clowning.”

“I’m clowning”? Who knew Young had so much Triumph, the Comic Insult Dog in him? “I keed… I keed because I love…”

As Mr. Young’s finding out, you can’t keed the Clintons.

Here’s a question for anybody offended by Young’s comment: Bubba has been inducted into the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame and called the “first black president.” Given that, how come it’s offensive when somebody says he’s gone out with black woman?

We’re not expecting our first black president to just go out with white women, are we? That’s a stereotype worthy of Blazing Saddles and has no place in civilized political discourse.

Get it together, Democrats, and support the first black president and his dating choices.


Author: Doug Powers

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