Sean Penn Gets Some Signs

Sean Penn was speaking at a Kucinich for President rally at San Francisco State University on Friday when something happened to rudely awaken the audience from their left-leaning slumber.

A video is below, but for those of you on dial-up, a quick description of events: the president of the College Republicans staged a quiet protest during Penn’s speech — first standing in the front row, facing the crowd, holding a “Stop supporting America’s enemies” sign.

After a Kucinich supporter managed to rip it away from him, the protester solidified his place in history as the Gunga Din of college Republicans by coming back yet again with a sign reading “Hey Sean, have you seen a UFO too?” He stood for the remainder of Penn’s speech as an officer, surprisingly (for S.F.), took away the guy who ripped up the first sign.

I couldn’t make it to London for the Led Zeppelin reunion concert tonight (update: the first reviews of the concert are here and here and here), but this is the next best thing as entertainment goes (that and seeing overweight people wearing “I’m a health care voter” t-shirts):

(h/t LGF)

Author: Doug Powers

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