Graphic Graphic of the Day

Earlier today I ran across this on Fark, and if anything it’s helping provide me with a way to achieve my goal of not talking about the Republican debate that’s going on right now.

ABC News has a story called “Does castration stop rapists,” which is accompanied by this subtle graphic:


I like the added effect of having a ruler on the knife. Just in case the event wasn’t embarrassing enough, the rapist can also be reminded that he doesn’t “measure up” just before being permanently removed from any ability to whiz in the gene pool.

Personally, I don’t think convicted rapists should be castrated. I really don’t. Why? Because it’s a waste of time and money if we did what we should do in the first place, which is to make ’em ride Ol’ Sparky. Sure, it’s rape and not murder, so to compensate we’ll just turn the voltage down a tad.

Author: Doug Powers

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