Federal Election Commission Gives John Edwards Enough Money for 22,000 More Haircuts

It’s “Federal matching funds” time! That’s the portion of our tax forms that sums up the government mindset in two sentences: “Do you wish to contribute $3 to the Presidential Campaign Fund? By checking ‘yes’ you will not reduce your return.”

You can tell that’s written by government bureaucrats. Where else can I contribute something without contributing something? It’s a trick though, because we’ve already “contributed” it — unvoluntarily — which doesn’t exactly make it a contribution and certainly means they don’t have to waste our time making us answer the question. You have to love big government.

At any rate, Christmas came a little early for some of the candidates:

The Federal Election Commission, facing imminent crippling over a confirmation stalemate, on Thursday approved more than $19 million in matching taxpayer money for seven cash-strapped presidential candidates.

Democrat John Edwards will get $8.8 million in federal funds, and Republican John McCain $5.8 million.

The money — which technically will not be released until March — will be a boon to Edwards and McCain, whose campaigns have shown renewed signs of life as their respective fields have shifted.

Dennis Kucinich got $100,000 — not a huge amount, but enough for another year’s subscription to UFO Spotters Guide, two pairs of Gucci platform shoes and a lunch with Sean Penn at Chez Flighty.

Author: Doug Powers

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