Romney: Bubba of the GOP?

Mitt Romney is indeed slick, but up to now that was in kind of a good way. However, in his “faith in America” speech, it would appear he crossed into territory occupied by the original Slick: Bill Rodham Clinton.

In that speech (and again on Meet the Press), Romney said, “I saw my father march with Martin Luther King.” Hey, cool — that could score many points for Mitt — if only it were entirely true.

True, George Romney was a big supporter of the civil rights movement here in Michigan, and did indeed meet with Martin Luther King on some occasions, but records do not show that Romney ever literally marched with King. But “literally” is where the base gets covered — in a very Clintonesque style.

The Romney campaign said that Mitt meant “marched with…” in a figurative and not literal sense.

Leave the parables in the Bible where they belong, Mitt, or I’ll march right to the polls in November and vote for you — figuratively, not literally.


The cover of an April, 1959 issue of Time magazine touts George Romney’s contribution to global warming

Author: Doug Powers

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