Another Congressman Caught in the Flynt Trap?

Until the day that Hustler publisher Larry Flynt is wheeled down the handicapped entrance ramp to Hotel Hades, he’s determined to “out” as many gay Congressional Republicans as possible.

According to this Vanity Fair story, Flynt has the goods on another Senator:

The ripest target now, Flynt claims, is a closeted gay Republican senator who is not Larry Craig, though last spring Flynt’s investigators were also pursuing rumors about Craig, going as far as putting a surveillance team on him, before his arrest in June for allegedly soliciting sex in a mens room at the Minneapolis airport.

“The other shoe’s going to drop any day,” Flynt says, speaking of the other senator. “It’ll surprise a lot of people that he’s gay. And I’ll bet you he resigns the same day and rides off into the sunset. He won’t be as stupid as Craig… His boyfriend is in a quandary about selling him out. It’s really somewhat of a pathetic situation. But we also have other boyfriends that he’s been involved with… We got some motel records. We got some photographs. They don’t involve sex, but sort of romantic walks on the beach and that sort of thing.”

I hope it’s Norm Coleman from Minnesota. That way, going into his Senate race against Al Franken, the Republican might steal a few votes from left-of-center undecideds in the Gopher state.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Author: Doug Powers

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