‘Most Admired’ List Has Some Bad News for Oprah, Obama, and Bush Haters

Hillary has edged out Oprah for the title of “Most admired woman” in 2007.

In the Gallup poll, 18% admired Hillary so much that many of those respondents are currently out finding pudgy girls to go home and fellate their husbands just so they can emulate the forgiving nature of their hero.

President Bush was the “most admired man” on the list, which leads me to this passing question for pollsters: How can Bush’s approval rating be constantly touted as hovering around 1.42% or some such number but yet he ends up being the most admired man? Did he “steal” another title? That darn Karl Rove continues to amaze, even after he’s exited the White House.

Bad news for Oprah and Barack:

Barack Obama was the “most admired man” of 5% of those polled. Oprah was “most admired woman” of 16% of those polled. This means that, at most, 31% of those who chose Oprah as their “most admired woman” gave a damn about her spirited endorsement of Obama. If you don’t take the advice of someone you so greatly admire, how much can you really admire them? I mean, come on!


Hillary breaks the bad news to John Edwards that, for the first time in ten years, he doesn’t appear on the “Most Admired Woman” list

Author: Doug Powers

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