It’s over for Hillary. Hulk Hogan has endorsed Barack Obama. Gee, I sure hope they don’t let the Hulkster’s kid drive in the inaugural parade. If Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock also come out in favor of Obama, consider me sold! “Keep sayin’ your prayers, eatin’ your vitamins, raisin’ taxes, socializin’ medicine, punishin’ […]

Soon, when you order a Dominos pizza, you’ll be able to track it: Domino’s, the pizza-delivery kingpin, today will unveil a technology, Pizza Tracker, that lets customers literally track their pizza from the moment they place the order until it leaves the store en route to them. What’s more, Domino’s vows that its online tracking […]

If John McCain is the GOP nominee, the Democrats will be as excited as Kwame Kilpatrick getting a text message. Why? Because no matter which party wins in November, they’ll essentially have someone in the White House. It’s no secret how I feel about McCain’s solid RINO status, but, just as I was about to […]

Global warming isn’t just going to melt the polar ice caps, it’s going to make the Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, New York Giants, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers lose more in the future. […]

The presidential campaign has claimed another casualty — but at least this one can chase his own ambulance: John Edwards, super-wealthy self-anointed spokesman for poor people, is dropping out of the race today. He was still in it? Pundits say Edwards is exiting the race so he can spend more time with his frivolous lawsuits.

This comes from Mitt Romney’s concession speech in Florida tonight, where he lost by about 4% to John McCain: “We’re not going to fix Washington by sending the same people back to sit in a different chair.” ‘Nuff said. So, next Tuesday will be for all the marbles. Rudy’s gone now. His speech spoke of […]

Rod Serling should be the spokesman for the Democrats this primary season. Think about what’s happened in recent weeks. Hillary Clinton, baby-momma to our nation’s “first black president,” has been thoroughly denied by black voters at the polls in favor of Barack Obama, a real black person — who was then promptly transformed into a […]

I’m sitting here with the flu and not much better to do, so here we go… The speech got underway just after 9 p.m. e.t. It’s Bush’s final State of the Union before he gets a tearful goodbye from the Democrats and some Republicans. From my count, there were $892 quadrillion worth of proposals made […]

The audible snickers you hear are coming from the Washington Post’s headline writers concerning Ted Kennedy breaking loyalty with Bill Clinton: “Kennedy Will Endorse Obama in Blow to Clinton” Using the word “blow” in the same headline with “Obama” and “Clinton” is a chuckle-inducing three-way of homonyms and suggestive wordplay for the more immature among […]

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily is all about the buzz that surrounded a possible Thompson candidacy in the summer of ’07, what happened after Fred announced in September, and why, in a way, I’m glad he ended up dropping out. Read a swan song for the Thompson campaign in “Fred: A political requiem.” You can give […]

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