Signs of Life in Fallujah

If you’re tired of the mainstream media stories on what’s going on in Iraq being served with so much intentional spin that you feel like you’re on the receiving end of Andy Roddick’s wicked slice, check out Michael Totten’s Middle East Journal.

Totten has many, many firsthand accounts and photos of what’s going on in the Middle East, safe from the lib-filters at the New York Times, CNN and all the rest.

A recent post of Totten’s could get more liberal undies in a wad than the last shock-and-awe panty raid at Stanford University. It’s entitled “A plan to kill everyone,” and features some signs, and explanations thereof, which are on display at Marine bases of operations in Fallujah, Iraq. Here are a couple that are bound to make Harry Reid wet the bed tonight if he sees them:



No American soldier has been killed in Fallujah for months, which makes it markedly safer for Americans than Washington, DC.

In “Good units get attacked less because they look like and are hard targets,” substitute “units” with “people” or “nations” and it’s still good advice. But try hanging those signs around the nation’s capital, and the government would prevent you from spreading your hateful, violent message and confiscate them — at gunpoint, of course.

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Author: Doug Powers

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