'President Hillary Clinton': Horrifying Scenario #14

Here it is: “Supreme Court Justice Bill Clinton.”

Think about it. There’s precedent for such a move, and it would allow the Bonnie & Clyde of deceit and deception to pretend to still be married while keeping them a respectable distance apart so nobody is offended by any number of girlfriends — same goes for Bill.

Probably at least three justices will retire in the next few years — either to spend more time with their families or because they lost the case of “Justice v. G. Reaper.” Why wouldn’t Bill be a logical replacement?

Yes, it’s a horrifying thought. Almost as horrifying as Hillary’s floating head of terror. Hopefully tonight Iowans can help ensure this never happens, but I’m not counting on it.


Bill Clinton, seen above in a file photo joining staffers to watch recorded video from his patented “Zipper-cam,” is at the top of Hillary’s list of Supreme Court possibilites

Author: Doug Powers

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