Inside Hillary's Campaign: Human Sacrifice, Dogs and Cats Living Together — Mass Hysteria!

Writing for Time, Karen Tumulty describes how the Clinton campaign, reeling from an Iowa loss to Barack Obama and John Edwards, and trending poorly in polls for upcoming primaries, is in danger of the wheels coming off.

The scope of Barack Obama’s victory in Iowa has shaken the Clinton machine down to its bolts. Donors are panicking. The campaign has been making a round of calls to reassure notoriously fickle “superdelegates” — elected officials and party regulars who are awarded convention spots by virtue of their titles and positions — who might be reconsidering their decisions to back the candidate who formerly looked like a sure winner.

It’s not that I’m thrilled about any of Hillary Clinton’s woes so far. As you know, I’m not a fan of Hillary, but, politically speaking, there isn’t much difference between Clinton, Obama and Edwards. As a matter of fact, Hillary may be the moderate of the bunch — which should give Hillary haters a moment of pause.

Those of us who wish to see Hillary’s presidential bid go down in flames could fall prey to the axiom “be careful what you ask for.” Especially since Republicans, at least in early primary polling, seem unwilling to fully support a candidate who won’t end up as the Bob Dole of the new millennium.

But for now, it’s getting panicked, crazy and desperate inside the Clinton camp. To prove it, here’s an exclusive behind-the-scenes photo of Hillary’s advisors at a recent strategy session:

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Author: Doug Powers

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