Monday’s Column: Is Hoping the Opponent is Unelectable an Acceptable Strategy?

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily is about a culmination of things: Hillary’s woes, Obama’s success and Republican failings. All three are adding up to bad news for the GOP, and an approach to the election that will lead to a landslide defeat if the Republicans don’t wake up.

Read all about it in “May the most beatable Democrat win!”

Have a good Monday — if such a thing is possible.

Early email

I just got this from someone named Gary, which sums up the craziness:

You tell us to vote conservative, but none of them are conservative — tell us which one — the spin is maddening.

Yes it is. May the most beatable Democrat win!

Fred from N. Carolina isn’t thrilled about this election year:

How about a rehab program for people who survive a year of this crap. A female,a black,trial lawyer,actor, crook, preacher,rich Mormon,idiot(J. McCain), all in a liar’s contest. What you want to bet America picks the biggest dildo!

I personally have no plans to vote for anything that’s in Rosie O’Donnell’s dresser drawer, but I’m afraid you may be correct nonetheless.

Author: Doug Powers

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