New Hampshire Update II: This Time It's Impersonal

Polls showed Obama winning New Hampshire going away, but he’s not going to. I’m assuming this isn’t the “change” he’s been talking about ad nauseum.

John McCain has been declared the winner among the Republicans, and it looks as if Hillary may have skirted (er, pantsuited?) disaster after she’d been all but written off as Obama meat. It would appear that Hillary is like the Phoenix rising from the asses.

I don’t know which victory disturbs me the most — Clinton’s or McCain’s. John McCain is a fine patriot of distinguished service, but his Senate career has been fraught with giggly political tickle-fights with liberal “friends from the other side of the aisle” he’s teamed up with for all sorts of bureaucratic over-regulation.

The “McCain-Feingold bill”, the “McCain-Kerrey bill” (Bob Kerrey, Nebraska Democrat), the “McCain-Feinstein bill,” the “McCain-Lieberman bill,” the “McCain-Leahy bill,” the “McCain-Edwards-Kennedy bill” and the “McCain-Kerry” bill. As I’ve always said, John McCain’s been in bed with more Democrats than a 20 year veteran Berkeley prostitute.

Don’t forget, however — McCain won the N.H. primary in 2000, and you know how that ended up.

Fred Thompson at 1%? Did he accidentally campaign in New Mexico instead of New Hampshire?

John Edwards is now speaking about his distant 3rd place finish, and is undeterred in reiterating that if he is ultimately elected president, it will mean four things: 1) America will look as good as his hair, 2) the crippled will walk, 3) the blind will see, and, 4) idiots will have voted in historic droves.

Below is a photo of the celebration at Mike Gravel’s N.H. headquarters:


Author: Doug Powers

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