Sex and Your Favorite Candidate

Playboy Magazine conducted a study on sex and politics. The findings were — frankly not very interesting. Articles? In Playboy? I mean, come on.

Here’s a sliver of what the survey found:

–If you’re a Fred Thompson supporter, there’s a 14% chance that you have sex every day.

–If you’re an Obama supporter, there’s a 12% chance you have sex every day.

–If you’re a Giuliani supporter, there’s a 5% chance you have sex every day.

–If you support Hillary Clinton for President and have sex every day, there’s a 100% chance your name is “Bill Clinton.” Shh, don’t tell Hil.

Here are even more details.

Okay, if you’re a Thompson or Obama supporter, I should let you get back to the bedroom. If you’re a Giuliani or Clinton supporter — go do the dishes or something.

Author: Doug Powers

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