Saturday Stupid

nullIt’s the weekend, which means it’s time for football, basketball, and to notice some of the idiocy that made the previous week so much fun. Klem Kadiddlehopper, as always, is our “Saturday Stupid” mascot.

It was an interesting week, and here are just a few things that happened that I didn’t have time to blog about:

Today is the big primary in South Carolina, and, judging by the GOP front-runners in recent polls, South Carolina voters insist on casting their ballots for either the candidate who stands for kind of a lot of government regulation and the one who stands for sort of a lot of government regulation.

Pitcher Roger Clemens has added attorney Lanny Breuer to his legal team. You may remember Breuer, as he helped defend Bill Clinton after the “Monica-gate” fiasco (a story which broke ten years ago today). Insiders tell me that Clemens hired Breuer because he mistakenly believed he had experience in sports law after Clemens heard Breuer was an expert in defending against spitball allegations.

Chris “If your migraine had a face” Matthews apologized to Hillary for saying that the reason she’s a front-runner for the nomination is that her husband messed around. Matthews has said nasty things about other candidates, but why has he only apologized to Hillary? It’s amazing what an FBI file and a well placed horse’s head can accomplish. In fairness to Hillary, Matthews is dead wrong. The reason Hillary is where she is today isn’t because her husband messed around — it’s because of her husband in general.

Here are some pictures of global warming protesters in Baltimore. See if you can find them behind all that snow. It’s like “Where’s Waldo” but with Gorelemmings.

God checkmated chess champ Bobby Fischer a few days ago. Fischer had renounced his U.S. citizenship years ago and later praised the 9/11 attacks and said the U.S. should be destroyed. Fischer will be missed… by Ward Churchill.

Finally, Mitt Romney got into a little confrontation with an uber-annoying A.P. reporter who was working on earning his “Clymer” badge. Mitt would have won my vote if he’d have just gone over and kicked this guy where his testicles should be — or better yet, have hired illegals to do it. Here’s the video:

Author: Doug Powers

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