Monday's Column, Blogroll Addition & a Technical Note

A couple of notes on yet another manic Monday, aside from the fact that you’ll be noticing some quirky goings-on as the site is transferred to a new server. I realize some recent posts aren’t here, there are some comments issues, and there are some “broken” links and whatnot, and that’s being worked on…

1) Today’s MLK Day edition of my WorldNetDaily column is about something that struck me some years back when the program “American Idol” first started: the similarities between that competition and the electoral process in the United States.

Read about those correllations in “American Idol vs. American politics.” You can “Digg” it by clicking here.

2) If you’ll look to the left and down, I’ve added another site to the blogroll. It’s good to see my old friend from years back, Dan Steep, back in business. Dan and I wrote together years ago, writing topical comedy for George Carlin’s

Dan’s one of the best writers I’ve ever known, and he’s also a former standup comedian. He’s now writing and blogging on his new site, Steep Thinking. Give it a read and check back often as he gets the site put together.

Author: Doug Powers

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